Author Guidelines

We encourage each author to treat Pratilipi as their own and help protect the Website/Application from contents which are not in compliance with Our Content Guidelines, Copyright Policy and Tagging Policy. Please keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  1. Do not publish any content which you do not own or have valid permission to publish, including those for which copyright protection has expired (ex: classic novels in the public domain) or those otherwise freely available on the internet.
  2. Do not publish any content which violates any law in force.
  3. The content should comply  with Our Content Guidelines, Copyright Policy and Tagging guidelines and the author shall ensure that the Published Works are suitable for consumption by a large audience.
  4. Refrain from misusing the Website/Application by publishing defamatory, hateful content, revealing anyone’s personal information without consent or any other content disallowed by Our Content Guidelines.
  5. Always follow and comply with all policies and guidelines issued by the Company from time to time.
  6. Behave respectfully towards other users while undertaking any action on the Website/Application including responding to reviews of your content by other Users or while chatting with other Users through the Website/Application in compliance with the Communication Guidelines.
  7. Refrain from using the Website/Application to collect money from other Users including for any charitable purposes. The Company will not be responsible for any consequences of such transactions.
  8. We reserve the right to remove contents and/or reviews if we find it to be violating our policies. We will intimate you upon receiving any complaints and encourage you to address the issues voluntarily to avoid any coercive action.
  9. Do not create more than one User profile simultaneously or log on through another profile if one profile has been suspended or banned for any reason. 
  10. Do not create a fake profile by using false information or impersonate another person on our site by using their name, photo, claiming to be someone other than yourself, or through any other means.
  11. Be our champion and promptly report any content or review which violate Our guidelines.
  12. Copyright of any content belongs to its original author and vests with them automatically and/or as provided under law. You, as the author, remain the copyright owner of content that are original and published by you. 
  13. If any third party approaches you for any rights in your content, we urge you to consider the same carefully and obtain professional legal advice on the terms and conditions proposed by such third party. We will not be responsible for any such arrangements you enter into with any third party. 
  14. The Company may launch multiple monetization features and/or plans on the Website/Application from time to time for which your content may be chosen. Please go through the relevant FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and exercise your discretion before opting-in to any of such features and/or plans. We are committed to encourage authors on Our Website/application to pursue their passion for writing by enabling them to fairly monetize their contents. 
  15. While we shall endeavour to assist the author in restricting unauthorised use of their contents on the Website/Application, the same shall not apply outside the Website/Application and any such assistance provided shall be at the sole discretion of the Company. 
  16. It will be the responsibility of each author to maintain and keep safe copies of their content in a suitable location other than on the Website/Application at any time. 

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