Fake Engagements

We consider it very important that the interaction of our users with the Website/Application and between users is authentic and not manipulated in any manner. Therefore, we prohibit the following:  

  1. Using any features on the Website/Application in a way that it artificially increases or decreases the attention to any particular content or user.
  2. Putting up content solely to incentivize readers in order to increase engagement with such contents (such as reads, earnings, ratings, comments or follows) including repeatedly reposting content from external sources, repeated duplication of content from within the Website/Application.
  3. Inserting links to sources which provide or claim to provide services which would violate Our policies, or inserting links to outside resources used to coordinate any inauthentic or illegal behaviour or to promote/market any products or services or any other behaviour in the nature of spamming.
  4. Manipulating by any means the reviews or ratings on any content.
  5. Offering financial incentives to users to create fake engagement or to manipulate the features on the Website/Application. 
  6. Engage in any concerted activity with other users to artificially increase the ratings of any content or lower the ratings with an intention to impact the reach/ reputation of certain authors.
  7. Engage in any concerted activity with other users through reviews or any offline channels to maliciously target any author or his/her contents, including by defaming, harassing, abusing such author.
  8. Creating a fake profile by using false information or impersonating another person on the Website/Application by using any of their details such as their name, photo, by claiming to be someone other than yourself, or through any other means.

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