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The Company’s vision is to encourage story-telling by Users across various geographies and languages through the Website/Application. It is essential that the Published Works of each author is original and the author has complete rights under the law to publish the same. We reserve the right to take strict action against such Published Works that are not original or do not have requisite rights to be published, in accordance with the Copyright Policy and as required under law. Please abide by the minimum  requirements as mentioned below:


  1. Only publish such Published Works that You, as the author, have written originally.

  2. Do not publish any Published Work which is copied or derived from sources where the author is unknown or which is in the public domain (Ex: Wikipedia/ Whatsapp messages)

  3. If You publish Published Works which belong to others, You must have obtained prior written permissions, in accordance with law, to do so and maintain proof of the same.

  4. Do not publish any Published Work which is copied, partially or wholly, from any other work which is already published in any format or language (ex: movies, television serials).

  5. Translating another person’s work into a different language and publishing the same should be done solely after prior written permissions, in accordance with law, and mutually agreeing on any revenue share arrangements.

  6. Avoid re-sharing someone else’s work or material even if You intend to mention the original author’s name to give credits. If You decide to do so, You must ensure that You are complying with any copyright conditions mandated by the author for such works or by taking  written permission in accordance with applicable law.

  7. If a Published Work is co-authored with another author, ensure that You seek appropriate rights and permissions from such co-author and  give appropriate credits to such person in the Published Work.

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