Users have multiple features on the Website/Application to improve the User experience and to be involved with the Pratilipi community. This should not be misused in any manner. We urge each user to be responsible and respectful while using these features and abide by the below guidelines. 

The company may from time-to-time introduce other features on the Website/Application through which users can share other content in the nature of inputs. The guidelines of the Company including Review Guidelines and Chat Guidelines have to be complied while publishing such inputs to the extent applicable.

Review and Comment Guidelines

We may remove any review/comment in the nature of reviews which violate any of our guidelines/policies and repeated or serious violations may result in the violating account/s being blocked, either temporarily or permanently.

  1. Please rate content properly (One star is the lowest and five stars is the highest). 
  2. Do not post anything in the reviews which violates Our Content Guidelines.
  3. Critiquing others’ content is fine as long as you remain respectful about it. Our Website/Application will disallow publishing of reviews containing foul language if detected.
  4. Do not post anything that personally attacks the author or any other individual/group of individuals.
  5. Limit the reviews to the relevant Published Works and use respectful language. For example, do not use the reviews to make political statements, for trolling anyone or for any other such harmful or manipulative behaviour.
  6. Do not post anything or engage in any behaviour which violates Our Fake Engagement Guidelines.

Chat Guidelines

While using our chat feature users must comply with the below guidelines:

  1. Do not send any messages through the chat feature which violates Our Content Guidelines.
  2. Do not spam or harass users for acquiring copyrights in their content despite the user not willing to proceed.
  3. Do not publish chat transcripts with other users on public platforms and maintain confidentiality of the same.
  4. Be respectful of other users and refrain from contacting those who do not wish to engage with you.
  5. We urge you to use available features to control/ restrict who can contact You on the Website/Application.
  6. We urge you to not share any personal information about Yourself as it may put your safety at risk. This will include sharing personal banking information such as PIN, OTP etc.
  7. Refrain from conducting any financial transactions with others based on communication with them through the chat feature. You are solely responsible for any consequences of fraudulent transactions. The Company has no liability for the same.
  8. We do not read, manually or automatically, any chats or messages, unless required by law, and therefore we strongly urge you to immediately report if you have reason to believe that any of our guidelines/policies are being violated or if you are a victim of receiving threats, unsolicited messages or any unwanted behaviour through the chat feature. In order to resolve such issues, we may ask for screenshots of the chat messages complained of.

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