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Publishing Guide

1. Who can publish on Pratilipi?

Anyone who wishes to write and express, can publish their contents on Pratilipi. The writing could be of any type - Fiction, Non-fiction &  Poetry. One needn't be a professional writer to be on Pratilipi. 

2. How do I write on Pratilipi?

i. In the Writer tab, please click on the top red box which reads 'Write a new story'. You will be taken to the writer panel.

ii. Inside the writer screen, Please type your content in the writer screen using your native android mobile keyboard.

iii. Once you have finished writing your content, click on the 'Upload' button to proceed for publishing or use the top right menu to save your content as a draft (which only you can see). 

3. How to publish my content?

i. When you are finished writing, click on the 'Upload' button 

ii. Write the details of your content - Title  & Summary (Optional) 

iii. Add a suitable cover image (thumbnail). This image needs to be owned by you or must be picked from a public domain source like ( Please don't take images from google as these violate copyrights policy. 

iv. In the last step, choose only relevant categories

v. Click on the 'Publish' button. 

4. How to write a series?  

a)  If you already have published contents which are part of a series then you can club all these parts together to create a series.

b)  If you are publishing a new content which is the next part of an already identified series then you can add this content directly into the series.

c)  If you are writing a first part of a new series then you can create a new series

5. Where can I see my contents?

In the app, your contents will be shown in multiple places. 

i. In the writer's section (pen icon tab), your drafts and published contents will be shown in separate sections.

ii. Your profile section shows your published contents alone. 

6. What if my publishing fails?

It could be a temporary glitch at the system level or network level. Please try again. If your publishing continuously fails, then you can mail us at [email protected] or call us at +91-9999698249.