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Who can publish on Pratilipi?

Anyone who wants to express and share his/her thoughts with others, can write on Pratilipi. Once you are on our website or app, all you need to do is to sign-up, to start writing. 

How do I start publishing on Pratilipi? 

To publish using a mobile phone:

i. Please download Pratilipi's Android app from Google Play-store. (We don't support publishing on Mobile browsers. For iphone users, we are soon launching our iOS app. Till then, please use our desktop site for publishing).

ii. If you are a new user, please sign-up using your Facebook or Google account. If you are an existing user, please sign-in to Pratilipi with your credentials or through Facebook or Gmail. 

iii. Once you reach the app's homepage, click on the write button (pen icon)- You will find this in the bottom strip of buttons. 

iv. Click on the respective content type - Story/ Poem/ Series and start writing.

To publish using a laptop or desktop:

i. Please visit and choose your preferred language. 

ii. Please sign-in to Pratilipi. If you are a new user, please sign-up using your facebook or google account. If you an existing user, please sign-in to Pratilipi with your email id or through facebook or gmail. 

iiii. On the top right you will find a 'write' button (pen icon). Click on it. On the page loads, please click on the 'Write' button in the center.  

iv. Fill in the details like content title, content type etc in the pop-up box and submit. 

v. You will land on our writer panel page. Please type out your content, and then click on 'Save' and 'Publish' to publish your content. 

Writing corner

This section has information like drafts, publishing guide, blogs, interviews, online events etc. To go to writing corner, 

On the app: From the app homepage, click on the 'Write' (pen icon) button on the bottom of the homepage. 

On the web: On the homepage, click on the 'Write' (pen icon) button on the top-right.  


A content which you have saved, but not published, is a draft. Your draft is only visible to you. 

Type in other language

To type in other language:

i. On our website - We have a built-in tool to enable writing in $language on Pratilipi. For example to type 'नाम', you can type 'naam' and the tool will transliterate & convert it to Hindi.

ii. On our App - You can use your default mobile keyboard to type in $language, in our app. If you don't have a mobile keyboard which supports your language, please download 'google indic keyboard'. Refer -  

Writing Poems/Stories/Non-fiction

Use self publishing guide with video tutorials

Writing Series

Use series self publishing guide with video tutorials

Content Loss

i. If you choose to delete your content, it's a permanent content loss. Pratilipi will not be able to help you in such cases. 

ii. On rare cases, due to any technical glitch, if you lose your content, please contact us through email. We will help you in restoring your contents. 

Publishing Failure 

If you face any issue while publishing, you can email us on [email protected] between 11 AM to 8 PM (Mon-Fri). 


On app - 'Writing corner' section contains the list of both your drafts and published contents. You can click on the content you wish to edit, and click on the 'edit' button to edit the same. 

On website - To edit a draft, visit the 'writing' section. To edit an already published content, please visit your 'profile' section. Both these icons can be found on the top-right section. Once on the right section, please click on the content you wish to edit, and then click on the 'Edit' button. 


Pratilipi's recommendation system helps in giving visibility to your contents.It takes your contents to the relevant readers, based on how well readers like your content. From your end, to increase readership of your content, you can do the following:

i. Ensure that your content is without grammar mistakes, has appropriate cover images and is categorized relevantly. All these results in our recommendation engine giving relatively more importance to your contents. 

ii. You can share your content with your friends & family to get more readership. 

Event Participation

We run online writing challenges/competitions on a regular basis. For more details on the current event which accepts submissions, please visit 'events' section in the writing corner in App or “Events” section in category section.

Event winners

For each writing challenges/competitions we generally choose winners based on our pre-decided rules. Generally there are two types of result methods our team is using:

i. Result by Judges choice : In this method, our team finalizes a panel of judges who are experts in particular genre/theme of the event. Our judges select winners based on Quality of content, Grammar, writing style, theme of the content etc. (Pratilipi team holds authority to do necessary changes in the result as well)

ii. Result by Readers choice: In this method, our team calculates results based on average of factors like read count, Reader time spent on the reading, reviews etc. This being purely mathematical result, we do not do changes in the ranks of authors. In case when winning contents are having issues like Grammar, copyright, different theme etc, our team holds authority to remove the winner or make appropriate changes)

Create Audio Contents

Currently you cannot upload your own audio-stories on the platform. If you already have an audio story please send it to us on [email protected]. Once we approve the same, we will upload your content for you. Please note that the audio should be of superior quality - with zero background noise. 

My issue isn't listed here

Please reach out to us for any other queries. We are happy to help you. You can e-mail us at [email protected]. We will resolve your queries within 24-72 hours.