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On the homepage, you can find a 'Continue reading' section, with contents you had started reading and 'Pratilipi suggestions' section, which gives you customized suggestions based on your interests. 

Customize Interests 

You can customize your reading interests and get relevant contents on the homepage sections. 

i. Please click on the 'Categories' tab on the top of the app.

ii. Click on 'Interests' and you can add or delete genres of your interests. 

Authors you Follow

On Pratilipi, you can follow other users to be updated of their activities. If you follow a user, you will get notified when he/she publishes a new content.

You can also send personal messages to a person, after you follow them. To stop receiving updates, you can unfollow them anytime.

Reading Offline/Without Internet  

You can download your contents onto Pratilipi and continue reading them offline, without the Internet. To do so, 

i. Use wifi/Mobile data and open Pratilipi App. 

ii. Download your favourite contents, from the content summary page by clicking on the 'Download' button near the 'Read' button.  

iii. You can also download contents from the content list in the category page. 

iv. Downloaded contents can be found in your 'Library' section. Choose 'On the phone' option from the drop-down in the library. 

Note: On website offline reading is not possible.

Night Mode

You can use Night mode / dark mode both on our app and web to read contents. You can find the night mode settings, 

i) On the app, while reading a content, please tap once to enable the menu options at the bottom. Night mode can be toggled from this list.

ii) On the website reader, please use the top-right '3-dots' button. On the pop-up, the second set of options, has reading mode suggestions. The middle option would toggle night mode.


You can search for your favourite authors and contents on Pratilipi. On our web and app, a search bar is provided on the top. Please search in the original language, for more accurate search results. Searching for a an author name/content name in English, might not give the right results.

If you are not able to get any results, for your search, it would mean either of the following: 

i. The author might have unpublished or deleted the content 

ii. The author/content you are looking for is not available on Pratilipi  

iii. It can be a technical issue as well. Please send us a mail on [email protected] for the same.

Saving Contents

You can save your favourite contents in your library, for easy access in the future. Adding/removing from the library can be done from the content's summary page by using the Library button. This can also be done from a category page where contents are listed. On the app, Use the '3-dots' button to access Library functions. On the website, use the + badge, on the content card to add/remove from the library. 

Reading List/Collection

App-only: You can also manage your contents across different reading lists/collections. This can be shared with your friends. To add a content to a collection, please use the 'Collections' button on the summary page. New collections can be created from here as well. You can access your existing collections from your profile. Sharing can be done from 'settings', on the collection card. 

Reading History 

App-only: The list of all the contents that you have read till now can be found in the library page. 

Reading Statistics 

App-only: Your reading statistics can be found at the end of your profile page.

My issue isn't listed here

Please reach out to us for any other queries. We are happy to help you. You can either call us at +91-9999698249 between 11am - 8pm Mon-Fri or e-mail us at [email protected]. We will resolve your queries within 24-72 hours.