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English stories are an integral part of human lives as they are the perfect tool to de-stress and indulge in a vivid world of imagination. The mesmerising world of a simple english story not only brings back nostalgic memories of childhood to life but also gives a holistic package of learnings, entertainment, and experiences. Quite often bringing the world to our doorsteps, english story reading is considered to be the best way to live many different lives all at once. Reading stories not only enhances one’s creative sensibility and communication skills but is considered an interesting form of learning. Showcasing many moods of love, laughter, horror, fantasy, and fiction, the world of storytelling is a plethora of emotions and can transcend a person from one state of mind to another in a wink of an eye. How exciting and calming it gets when one is sad and a comedy story lifts him up or a short story or a biography can provide that desired push when one is feeling down. Romance, travel stories and action, adventure on one hand fills one with the desired dose of dopamine and a basic english story on society and women as a subject opens our eyes to reality. The world of english stories is intriguing and words often find a way into a person's heart making him feel one with the character, and making the reader a live spectator of the events of the story. Though the art of storytelling and english story reading has undergone a sea of change as things have moved from the hard-bound books to the new age of online reading, the moral and cultural understanding that simple stories in english bestow upon young and old minds alike is still the same. The Online platform offers one the choice of accessibility and flexibility to quickly pick and read what he/she wants without much effort and hence has brought the literary world to one's doorstep in real terms. There have been countless writers who have added to the glory of story writing and made valuable contributions to stories in english. Be it the famous story- “The Christmas Carol” by none other than “Charles Dickens” or “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank they instilled the value of humility, compassion and courage in the minds of young readers in the most holistic way. The new age stories like “Chicken Soup for Your Soul” by “Mark Victor Hanson and Jack Canfield” have through their various interesting stories in english captured diverse moods of different age groups making them learn important life lessons. Biographies like “Wings on Fire” and “Princess Remembers” give one an insight into life's challenges and the best way to tackle them. When talking about english stories it would not be justifiable if “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare is not mentioned, this romantic drama gave love a whole new meaning. It is often difficult to understand what resonates with the audience and why one story on a particular subject does well and the other on the same subject is not so popular. The art of story writing has to be in sync with the mindsets of those who are indulging in english story reading. A story which is simple, easy to understand and has a flow which does not break the chain of thoughts sways the reader. A basic english story which has the right emotions presented through the right words hits the right chord. Simplicity and clarity of thoughts and the right flow has by far been considered as the most important factor which distinguishes a good story from a not so good story. Motivational stories by “Guru Gopal Gaur” or the exciting stories of “Panchtantra” may seem very different but they have one very important thing in common: they have captured the interest of their reader through interesting play of words and impeccable clarity of thoughts. Pratilipi as a digital platform has brought together for its readers a massive collection of english stories in different genres. It well understands the reader's mind and hence has hand picked some enchanting stories in English which are a treat to the mind and soul. “A book is one's best friend”, this saying can never go old. Stories can keep one company in good times and bad. A quick dose of satire or comedy can cheer up a sullen mood and adventure and suspense can light up a spark. Pratilipi has taken the task of nurturing the art of storytelling and english story reading quite seriously. With its earnest efforts the platform has amassed lakhs and lakhs of stories covering all walks of life. With readership soaring high and credit rating confirming the quality of the content, this platform has made a difference in the lives of many. A perfect mix of every emotion to suit your changing moods, Pratilipi is catering to all your scholastic needs in the best possible manner making stories an integral part of life.

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